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Bugsnax [PS5/PC/PS4] - November PS+ title for PS5 owners!

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If there's a physical release, there's a 95% chance it'll be under our Christmas tree as a gift for the wife.  I don't really have a clear picture what the gameplay is, exactly, but the concept and aesthetic are pretty irresistible.


And for anyone else who couldn't get that earworm of a song out of their head, the trailer's music is by Kero Kero Bonito.

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  • Angry the Clown changed the title to Bugsnax [PS5/PC/PS4] - November PS+ title for PS5 owners!
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Reviews are coming out - here's RPS.



Bugsnax never quite manages to marry this aspect of the game with the part where you’re lurking near a bush, using launchpads to trap a bunch of grapes that’s also a mosquito. There are certain features that feel half-finished or not fully developed. You can feed your captured snacks to the Grumpuses to transmute their limbs and facial features into various bits of strawberries, pineapple slices and calamari, customising their appearance to suit whatever particular preferences you might have. But you’re prohibited from ever eating the bugsnax yourself, an inexplicable design choice for a game that’s this much about food, and one that leaves you feeling like a sad spectator to the whole ordeal, a street urchin pressed up against the window pane of a Victorian sweet shop.

For the five or six hours it takes to reach the game’s ending, Bugsnax is a delightful and intriguing world to inhabit, just one whose robotic wildlife won’t inspire you to jump back in and finish off your collection. Bugsnax is a faintly naughty, but never crass adventure that feels simultaneously like a love letter to, and a sharply observed satire of, the games that inspired it.


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