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Star Wars: Squadrons [PS4/XB1/PC] - October 2nd 2020


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I'd be very surprised if it was closer to X-Wing. Meeting somewhere in the middle might be nice though.


I wouldn't scoff at being able to take part in both death star dogfights and trench runs yet again, just because I'd love to see it realised with modern hardware. That battle from the opening of Revenge of the Sith would be fun to be part of too.



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A few details are emerging at least.


  • Release date October 2nd.
  • $40 game (£34.99 here) and available on Origin, Steam and Epic stores for PC, alongside PS4 and XB1 (no next gen announced, although it will surely have BC on the SeriesX and it will fall under Sony’s release window for new PS4 games to have mandatory PS5 support).  
  • Cross play across all platforms.
  • It has (PC only?) VR support.


Gameplay trailer at EA’s streaming event on the 18th. 

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2 minutes ago, kelley said:

Well I liked the trailer, looking forward to seeing gameplay. Wedge and Hera being in there was great.

I am as well, although it's not going to make a difference as to whether I purchase at this point. Hopefully it does well enough that a more x-wing/tie fighter-like game eventually gets made.

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