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AT&T looking to sell off Warner Bros. Interactive (Mortal Kombat, Mordor Games, Rocksteady) for $4 Billion...

Romier S

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EA, Activision and Take Two are possible suitors. Who doesn't love even more industry consolidation?




AT&T is discussing a sale of its Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment gaming division in a deal that could fetch about $4 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

Take-Two Interactive Software, Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard have all expressed interest in buying the gaming division, said the people, who asked not to be named because the discussions are private. No deal is assured or imminent, two of the people said.

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4 hours ago, Angry the Clown said:

Have to say, between Take-Two, EA and Activision... It'd be one of those who ever wins, we lose scenarios wouldn't it?



Not sure anyone of them would be truly interested. WBIE is a strange one to buy - you're some good developers (including one who hasn't done anything publically for five-six years), a lot of old IP from Midway, Mortal Kombat, and then a bunch of games dependent on other people's IP - Harry Potter, LOTR, the DC movies, etc. You're getting a publishing + marketing group that you likely don't need. But that IP is the hard one to pay for, unless you think you can reap from it better than WB did.

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Interesting-is Nether Realm actually owned by WB, or are they independent?  The rights to MK would have to be reasonably valuable.  If this process keeps going, I wonder whether we'll get any leaks on what Rocksteady is working on, or what they've worked on and abandoned in the last 6 years?  That also points to none of those studios having a major announcement in the next little while, since if there was positive buzz out for a new project, wouldn't it make sense to wait until that's out in the open? 

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