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Interesting (?) Covid-19 Question - Bills in Your Wallet / Money Clip / Purse etc


Covid-19 - Bills in Your Wallet / Money Clip / Purse etc.  

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  1. 1. Have you used or received cash since Covid-19 changes started in mid-March?

    • Yes. I've used or received cash at some point over the past 3+ months.
    • No. Exact same bills (or none)

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I try to avoid using cash for the most part already, but early in the Covid-19 lock-down I remember looking at the bills in my wallet and thinking they were going to be there for a long time... and they still are, the exact same ones.  Anyone else in the same boat?

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1 hour ago, Carlucci said:

A guy on the internet offered to sanitize all my bills for free, so I sent them in.  I'm sure I'll get them back soon, completely Covid free.


He must be laundering it. 


I voted no. I don’t use cash most of the time anyway. It’s actually rare for me to have any cash at all in my wallet, to be honest. And since most of the things I’ve purchased the past few months have been online, there hasn’t been any need for it.

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2 hours ago, Eldorado said:

I’ve been off cash for the most part for a long time. But there are circumstances where it is  required. 🌳 💨 


This is me too! 


The other day I got my first haircut at my regular hairdresser. (long time friend, kids go to school together, etc) For some reason she was only taking cash, not sure why, seems like the opposite thing you'd want to do at this point. (She's also used to me only paying via my watch or phone. ) 


For the lulz, I dumped the contents of my wallet on the counter and told her, "it's been in my wallet since before the pandemic, and you can have it all!" 


It was probably about a 60% tip after cost, but I didn't mind. She was dying laughing.

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