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Crash Bandicoot 4 “It’s About Time” leaks... (PS4, XB1) - PS5/XSX and Switch versions coming (free upgrades)

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14 minutes ago, Romier S said:

Hopefully this leads to Toys for Bob resurrecting Spyro. The Spyro trilogy remaster was a blast From them and I’d love a new game in that series a little more than Crash, frankly.


Yes, as I've written before I never really took to Crash so was surprised how much I actually like the look of the new one. I did have affection for Spyro however, and I actually plan to get the Crash/Spyro bundle on the PS Store sometime when it's on sale as it's been as low as £29 before which is a steal for that much content. It will also give me an opportunity to give Crash another chance as I actually do like the look of It's About Time, but feel it's only right to play the others first. 

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No word on next-gen patches or dedicated releases for either PS5 or Series X sadly, no. As the Digital Foundry video notes however, in theory both platforms should lock the game in at 60fps without the minor dips seen on the mid-gen systems via way of their native "boosts," but 1080 is as good as it'll get on the resolution front short of a patch/next-gen version.  


I really thought some of these late generation games might have patches for the new consoles in the works (Crash, Tony Hawk's, Squadrons...etc), but sadly not. 

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Played through the first 5-6 levels to get a taste. It’s very much Crash Bandicoot and builds on the work done for the remasters. The image quality is a little soft on the X but it kind of works with the cartoon design of the game. Otherwise, it improves upon the visuals in the remasters by a good bit and the level design has been enjoyable with plenty of callbacks to the previous games and some rather challenging bonus levels.


I only wanted to sample the game as I don’t plan on immediately playing it but I felt I needed to support a new (quality) Crash game and I’m quite eager to dig in after I finish up Little Nightmare and Squadrons.

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  • Romier S changed the title to Crash Bandicoot 4 “It’s About Time” leaks... (PS4, XB1) - PS5/XSX and Switch versions coming (free upgrades)

PS5/XSX/Switch versions coming March 12th!



  • Native 4K60fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X
  • Upscaled 4K on Xbox Series S
  • SSD optimized load times on PS5 and Series X
  • Xbox Series versions feature Smart Delivery
  • Now on the go on Nintendo Switch
  • Coming later this year to Battle.Net on PC, alongside other announcements
  • PS5 version takes advantage of adaptive triggers and activity cards in particular
  • PS4->PS5 and XBO -> XSS/XSS upgrade is entirely free of charge (players with disk copies will need the disk-drive version of their console)
  • PS5 and XSX/XSS versions available at $59.99, pre-orders open soon
  • NSW and PC versions available at $39.99, pre-orders open now
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