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Grounded [Honey I Shrunk the... SeriesX/XB1/PC] - 2021/ Early Access July 28th 2020


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A search wasn't returning a thread on this one, despite it being revealed at XO19 last year. It's a survival game from a team of just over a dozen developers at Obsidian about a bunch of kids who get shrunk and are trying to survive in their back yard (it's also set in the 1990s). It features both single and co-op play and looks really intriguing. Lovely animated movie aesthetic to it all too.


Obsidian were apparently working on this prior to the Microsoft acquisition. Early Access rolls out at the end of July (apparently comprising of around 20% of the game), with a full release planned for next year. I'm not sure how long the Early Access is due to run for.


There's a demo available on Steam apparently (until 22nd of June). The hands on response so far seems to be really good.








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5 hours ago, Angry the Clown said:

Were you playing alone, or multi? I'm curious how good it is as a solo affair. 

I was playing solo. It was very limited in what you could do/explore in thirty minutes. I didn't even really get to the crafting/resources portion, but if say if you liked the world they've created (and it is awesome), and are a fan of survival, base building, etc. - it should be fun solo. I can see it really shining with multiple players though.

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