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Retro Replay: Chrono Trigger (SNES)

Romier S

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This is a bit of a preliminary thread as I’ve made it a bit past halfway through the game having just defeated Magus in his tower. I wanted to get the thread up hough and highlight how much I’m enjoying this wonderful classic. The sheer simplicity of its gameplay appeals to me greatly in this world of complex game mechanics even in the modern JRPG space though I know that’s not always the case. Still, each character having their own assigned element for magic and the tech points system used to upgrade their attacks just works and doesn’t require a ton of fiddling around. You rightfully spend more time experimenting with the different dual/triple technique attacks which are a great deal of fun.


Its also going to sound funny but I appreciate how brisk the difficulty is. The game is a breeze for the most part but doesn’t ever feel as though it’s not engaging and that’s quite the feat since I usually bore of games with little to no difficulty.


I also love the character designs by Akira Toriyama. They translate beautifully to the in-game sprites and are super expressive and animated. The music is also absolutely killer. I don’t think I could ever tire of the Guardia Castle theme...


I’ll have more complete thoughts after I’ve completed the game but I felt like I needed to dedicate a thread to this game. It’s been decades since I played it and it’s proving to be an absolute treat after finishing “The Last of Us Part II”.


Also, for those wondering, I’m playing the game using the Super NT along with the DAC to connect the system to a proper CRT via component input. In this case I’m using my 36in JVC D Series set and the game looks f’ing amazing on it. Pictures don’t do it justice...









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One last thing, I’m playing the game via the original cart. I’ve replaced the battery inside with a simple battery adapter that makes it easy to swap in a standard CR2032 battery and the soldering was pretty simple. I also had a copy of the cart before that had a ripped label that I replaced with a repro label but I’ve since sold that off and bought a complete in box version of the game with a perfect label and it’s contents/box is in pretty great shape.



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