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The Analogue FPGA Thread - Analogue Pocket and PC Engine/Duo systems announced.

Angry the Clown

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1 hour ago, Angry the Clown said:

Analogue are releasing a Gameboy in the shape of the Analogue Pocket:


High res colour display, lithium battery charging over USB-C, mappable buttons and stereo sound.


No price yet as this article went up prematurely.


It's $199.


Pricey but the fact that it has multi-function abilities with the right adapters is a big add. Pair it with a quality GBA/GB Everdrive and you have an amazing portable machine!

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Also, it has a dock with an HDMI out that allows you to play on your TV and use bluetooth controllers! It's the Analogue Switch.:)  The display resolution is a ridiculous 1600x1440 on the unit and with Kevin Horton handling the FPGA, it will no doubt have the same level of audio/video customization that we see on the Super NT and Mega SG.





The Pocket system also takes some of the best ideas of Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch, and translates them back to 1989. The device has rechargeable batteries, and docks via HDMI so you can play the device on your television with Bluetooth controllers. Its 3.5-inch LCD screen boasts a 1600 x 1440 resolution, which sounds ridiculously sharp despite its diminutive size. “This display outclasses any display in a dedicated portable gaming device by a long shot,” says Taber. “It’s stunning.”

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4 minutes ago, Angry the Clown said:

Are their console products limited or not? I still have several gameboys so I could pick up an Everdrive first (x7 is an eye watering £120).


They don't appear to be. The original NT and NT Mini were but that was mostly because of the ridiculous cost of the materials they built those units with (anodized aluminum). Since they switched to plastics and started creating more realistically priced items like the Super NT and Mega SG, they've had stock regularly. I don't see this being any different.

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Keep in mind @Angry the Clown, if you want to skimp on an Everdrive right now - there will no doubt be jailbreak firmware released for this things from Kevin Horton himself that will turn the unit into its very own EverDrive with cores for the supported devices.

It's happened for every Analogue device and its the worst kept secret that Horton is the one doing the releases.:)


EDIT: They said the Mega SG and Super NT would be available in "limited quantities" when they announced as well. It's just hype.

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  • 9 months later...

This thing ain't cheap. 


The unit itself is $200 as expected. 

The dock is $100 

Each of the Cart adapters is $30 .


You can see all of the pricing on their page:




I'll be getting the unit itself and the dock more than likely.

The second FPGA to add more cores means most of the cart adapter systems will be playable via jailbreak. If Analog actually produces the cart adapters again I'll buy them but $300 is enough spend for one day for me considering we've got the PS5 on the horizon.:)

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5 minutes ago, MastaRedSnappa said:

I was definitely going to preorder one but I think I'll just save my money for whenever the Switch Pro comes out. I have so many Switch games to play, including a lot of retro compilations like Mega Man, Contra and Castlevania that will satisfy my retro game itch.


I'm buying for two reasons:


1. I've thought out getting my GBA modded with the GBA Consolizer for awhile and that mod alone will run me over $200 anyways. With this and the dock, I get full HDMI output right to the TV, support for 4 controllers, Kevin Horton's fantastic interface to allow for proper integer scaling and the eventual jailbreak which will put the full libraries of a number of handhelds at my fingertips (though Game Gear is already available on the Mega SG as a core).


2. More importantly, this will work with the Analogue DAC which I already have and will allow me to output all of these games in glorious RGB to my CRT/PVM's.  That's worth the entry price alone to me.

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