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The Analogue FPGA Thread - Analogue Pocket and PC Engine/Duo systems announced.

Angry the Clown

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Ok with it probably wasn't the best phrase. Maybe accepting of it is more accurate. Analogue doesn't really have a lot of competition when it comes to the type of high-end products that they make so their customers are willing to accept that there may be delays, short supply, etc. I agree that if you waited a year, there's no reason not to keep on waiting (unless you need the money for something else, of course).

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It’s not great, but as long as they are upfront about it and are willing to refund when requested, I have no problem with it. At least it’s not a Kickstarter, where the very idea of refunds seems to be about as realistic as most of the products on Kickstarter. 

Hopefully this one will be worth the wait. 

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Good article on the new OS:




“Library will take full advantage of Analogue-developed proprietary technology to read physical game cartridges and detect all possible information on the game cartridge down to its revision (for example The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening has 18 different versions, regionally and revisions within each). Many of these versions/revisions have differences from game art and graphics, text changes, bug fixes and other quirks. You can walk into a game shop, plug the game into your Pocket to read the cartridge and find out exactly what revision it is and all of its details.”

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