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Forza Motorsport [SeriesX/PC]


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No '8'... This being billed as a re-imagining for the series.



It was also described as being "early" in development, which is very surprising as it's been in the making for an age already, with devs already talking about having a playable build last December. I would imagine we're looking at Holiday 2021 for this (which probably means an even longer wait for the next Horizon chapter). 

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Seems it’s not just Halo; everything 1st party is going Game As Service, it seems. Build an engine, tart it up as GPU creeps, sell DLC tracks. Fable’s gone without an identifier, too. 

oh, how I feel sorry for IOI being too far ahead of their time with Hitman Season One. 

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This was probably the biggest surprise for me during the entire show —not in the sense of, "Holy shit, they're making another Forza?" sense. More like I can't believe it's not coming out this year, it's still early in development, and Turn 10 gave no indication as to when we might see it.


If that's the case, now might be a good time to try and play the other titles in the Motorsport lineup of Forza games. I've played all the Forza Horizon series games, but would like to familiarize myself with the other games at some point. I have 5 and 6 already. I just need to purchase 7 and find the time to play them all. Easy, right?

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Just bear in mind that 

1) it will stay at this low price until the mid-September delist

2) previous delisting Forzas have been the early September GwG title when this has happened before, and we will know for sure if it’s happening again before the delist happens

3) if you’d been playing the game on Game Pass but bought the DLC prior to the announcement you’ll be getting a free code for the base game to allow you to continue using it. No, you can’t get the game for cheap now by just buying an expansion; I checked. 

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