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If you like X you might also like Y


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I'm always looking for new music/movies/books/whatever and the first line of the Gene thread inspired this thread.


If you like X, you might also like Y


Fill in the X and Ys with anything you care to


To avoid typing it out every time why don't we make % = "you might also like"




The Smiths % Belle & Sebastian

They Might Be Giants % The Aquabats



Spinal Tap % Best in Show



You get the idea - I'll work on a longer list of my thoughts but I'll go ahead and post this to get everyone started...

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Originally posted by kfredericks@Jan 9 2004, 09:54 PM

KOTOR % Deux Ex


Rocky IV % The Cutting Edge

Rocky IV with the cutting edge, eh? Is that "The Cutting Edge" with DB Sweeny, ex hockey player turned figure skater? How did you put those two together.?

Don't get me wrong, I agree it's a good movie, but just don't see that much of a connection.


Here's mine:


Scrubs % Arrested Development. Scrubs is in danger of being passed by AD as my favorite comedy. This show is genius. Please check it out.




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Just thought of another one:


Survivor (and reality shows in general) % The Apprentice


The Apprentice is from Executive Producer Mark Burnett, so it has a lot of the same "feel" as survivor. Basically, it involves 16 motivated young entrepeneur who are seeking a job with Donald Trump's corporation. Each week, one is "fired" by the Donald, until one is left standing, and he/she will receive a 6 figure job in one of Trump's companies.


Next episode is Thursday after Friends. I have a feeling we will see all of the back-stabbing, treachery, and deception that we've come to know and love in Survivor, and WISH we could do in the real world.




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Office Space % The Office


Picked up the first season (six eps) this weekend and it is hilarious if you like Office Space or good British comedy in general. It's shot in an excellent documentary style that's quite good and it eschews sit-com plotting for actual humor. This leads to some amazingly good awkward silences and such. Really need two episodes to get into it as the first one is good, but the second is a riot now that you know the characters.

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"Dennis Miller Live" on HBO % "Dennis Miller" on CNBC.


His new show starts tonight! Schedule for re-airings is as follows:

9:00 PM ET

12:00 AM ET

4:00 AM ET


I was a huge fan of his HBO show, so I'm hoping this show will be great as well.

I'll probably tivo one of the later airings and watch it tomorrow.



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