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The Pathless (PS4, PS5, PC, Apple Arcade) - Releasing November 12th (at launch with PS5)

Romier S

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I finished this one up earlier today. Total playtime was just over six hours. I played it through Apple Arcade. Overall, I really enjoyed it, and think it’s one that you all should check out at some point. 


The game does several things very well. It creates an impressive sense of scale, with vast areas to explore. It makes traversal fun and interesting. It has some pretty decent puzzles to solve (although I can’t say any of them stumped me for too long). Visually, it’s very pleasing with a nice cell-shaded aesthetic. The soundtrack by Austin Wintory (Journey) has some excellent cues as well. 


On PS5, it is an excellent indie game. On Apple Arcade, it’s the closest thing you can get to a big budget triple-A title. If you do play on Apple Arcade, be sure to play it on a more recent device. I tried playing it on both my late-2015 27-inch iMac and AppleTV 4K. It did not run well on either one. For the former, it choked under the load, even with the graphical settings for everything set to either low or off and with the resolution capped at 1080p. It ran a little better on the AppleTV 4K, but it was still incredibly choppy. The only device it ran on well for me was my iPad Pro (11-inch 2018 model). The frame rate was smooth and steady (although I’m not sure if it was running at 30 or 60fps) and the visual detail was pretty good as well, but I could tell that it was running at a lower resolution. There was plenty of aliasing wherever you looked and the overall image was kind of fuzzy. I know this likely would have been a better experience on the PS5 from a visual standpoint. However, when your choice is paying $40 for it or playing it for free through a game subscription you already have, the choice is easy.


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Re-upping this thread as I am in the middle of playing it again. It’s on sale at the PSN store at the moment (sale ends tomorrow), and I decided that this one was good enough to warrant a full purchase.


On PS5, the game really comes to life visually. It looks great, runs great, and features some nice haptics in the Dual Sense controller. Overall, the presentation quality is a huge step up from my various Apple devices.


When I think of quality indie titles, this is kind of game that comes to mind. It’s artsy enough to not feel like a AAA title, looks beautiful, and has a fun and simple gameplay loop. Definitely put this one on your radar if you haven’t had a chance to play it yet.

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