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Wonder Boy - Asha in Monster World announced! (PS4/Switch)

Romier S

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Gameplay reveal is happening on the 29th and series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa is returning to helm the game which stars Asha from the superb Monster World IV on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.





I absolutely adore this series and will not doubt be a one man voice in this thread but I implore anyone that loves good games to immediately check out Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom which might be my favorite Metroidvania released this gen.

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Cause I just have to support this series...




The Switch version runs at a sub-60fps pretty often in docked mode so far so not super impressed and I’m hoping portable runs a bit better BUT it does have the original game on the cart as opposed to the PS4 where it’s a download. I’ll try the PS4 version tonight.

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I played the PS4 version last night and this morning for about three hours and its definitely the one to get if you're concern is performance above all else. It plays at an unflinching 60fps and feels downright night and day to the Switch version which always feels less than smooth as though its running in the high 40's most of the time. The controls feel much heavier there whereas the PS4 feels much snappier and more enjoyable to play. For anyone looking to dive into this wonderful game, PS4 version FTW.

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