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ESPN Football: anyone still playing?


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I really wanted to try getting a league playing this, but I sucked at it. Every time I've played, I've gotten beaten by at least 30 points! But, I'm willing to keep trying it...


Its really helpful to go to Scrimmage mode and get to know your playbook and find maybe 10-12 plays that really work well on offense.


On defense, dont fall in love with just one defense. You have to experiment in the first quarter against every opponent because on defense might work great against one player, and not at all against another.


Hope to see you online



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Well, I just got my first two games in last night. One in "regular" mode, and one in the First Person mode.


I really enjoyed both. I was only playing at the pro difficulty and managed to get a kickoff return for a TD, and a 60+ yard run in First Person Mode.


Let me tell you, it was quite a thrill to be running as Ahman Green and then hearing the crowd go nuts when you broke into the open. :)


I'll have to try to get together with a few of you for a Live game or two.



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I retired from this game. After being completely addicted to this game and fairly decent at it(usually ranked in the top 100), I had enough of people cheating(you can cheat in this game by subbing a player for your kicker and you will recover 90% of all kickoffs). After my last game, and third straight game of running in to a cheater, my wife said "why do you play if you just end up getting pissed off"? She was right so I hung up the spikes and just play offline now. I didnt care about the rankings, it was just the fact of investing 45 minutes to an hour in something and then people pull silly crap like that is just frustrating. Its a shame because the game is incredible. I will come out of retirement for jtello though, I love demolishing his Pats. ;)

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A friend and I decided to simulate the superbowl and I beat him 7-3 as the Patriots, but that was with 5 minute quarters. We are going to try to do a full pro game tonight. That was the first time I played since our league fell apart.


And speaking of simulations: Game Before The Game


989 Sports will put its undefeated 8-0 record on the line Wednesday, January 28, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. at Hotel ICON in Houston, Texas, when Troy Brown of the New England Patriots and Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers meet head-to-head in a Super Bowl XXXVIII preview on NFL GameDay 2004 in the 9th annual "Game Before The Game".



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I retired from this game


I will come out of retirement for jtello though, I love demolishing his Pats.


Whoa! Had me scared there for a moment, I thought I might never get my revenge. Bruce, you and I WILL play this weekend! And just to make it fair your gonna sub Olindo Mare for Rickey Williams,... that way I can hold you to a reasonable 130 or so yards rushing. ;)


Seriously, I am up for ESPN football anytime this weekend with anyone. Since my inviations to the Maxim and Playboy Superbowl parties must have gotten lost in the mail, I'll just have to celebrate the Superbowl by playing endless amounts of ESPN football! :):(:):(:)

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Seriously, I am up for ESPN football anytime this weekend with anyone


I will be looking for you. You ever hear the expression"its like shooting fish in a barrel"? :lmfao: I will sub Vanessa Williams in for Ricky Williams.

Its the only time the Dolphins can beat the Pats anyway.

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-Glen, I'm sorry I missed playing this morning, I had realatives 'pop-over.' I'm not a very big fan of people popping over at 8am on Saturday morning,... especially when they don't leave till 4pm! :evil: I love my family but seriously, what are some people thinking?


-Anyway, I really would like to play tomorrow morning if we can catch up with each other.


-And that goes for anyone else who might get an itch for ESPN in the morning. :green:

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