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God of War Ragnarok - November 9th 2022 [PS5/PS4]

Romier S

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Delayed to 2022. Not really a shock at all, frankly. It would have been pretty impressive to see it release this year given the output from Sony first party thus far and with Forbidden West coming and likely filling in the big tentpole release for them in the latter half of the year. Hopefully it means its not a cross gen title. Not that I would be upset if it were but I really want Santa Monica to tap into the PS5's full power with this game.



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  • Romier S changed the title to God of War Ragnarok - Coming 2022 to PS5

Actually, reading the interview with Hulst, it appears that he confirms that God of War Raganrok, Forbidden West and GT7 are all PS4 & PS5. i can't say I'm surprised by it and I was hoping Santa Monica would be able to focus its design efforts around the next gen platform. Judging by what Guerilla is doing with Forbidden West though, its not like we'll be want for visual eye candy but the thought of the next God of War being designed around a 2013 laptop CPU....well that's mildly disappointing but then it likely always was anyways given when it started development.


Given the chip shortages and continued difficulty in even getting a PS5, I get that its a tough sell to not put these big releases on a platform that is 115 million users strong. So I get it but I do hope these are the last of the cross gen titles we see though on the first party front.



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The target for this year always seemed rather ambitious. 

As Romier said, with Horizon being the big tent pole release for Sony this fall (hopefully) it seemed strange to try and get God of War out around the same time. 

Gives me more time to try and play the “first” one now. 

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5 hours ago, Angry the Clown said:

That's actually quite in keeping with how he was written in the original mythology. 


It's amusing that people can't separate the Hemsworth Thor from the mythology. He's actually described as a fairly ugly man with a huge appetite, long red hair and a beard. I'd say they nailed it 100%.

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Indeed. Thor would regularly eat an entire animal carcass as if it were an hors d'oeuvre. He also drank a lot, so having some flab and a beer belly on top of what what still looks to be a hulking muscly frame feels right. He still looks like he could crush a skull between his thumb and index finger there.


I can't blame people for thinking of him with a Hemsworth/modern super hero type physique though, not just because, for better or worse, that's the most ingrained reference of the character in modern culture now. A shift in depicting him as more of an Adonis like figure with flowing gold hair dates back centuries.





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  • Angry the Clown changed the title to God of War Ragnarok - November 9th 2022 [PS5/PS4]

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