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LCVG's Favorite Gamecube Games


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Recently, I've heard the ?What are some good games for the Gamecube?? question come up a little more frequently (I've even been asked while playing a little Rainbow 6 on XBOX Live :) ). It's no doubt due to the price drop of the Gamecube, as more people are paying the $99 to finally play some of the great exclusives Nintendo has to offer.


I'd like to try something that would give everyone a chance to voice what their personal favorite Gamecube games are, and in turn, we'll also use everyone?s list to keep a running total of the top Gamecube games voted by LCVG members.


If anyone is interested in participating, just come up with a list of 10 or fewer of your favorite Gamecube games and rank them. (We'll keep it limited to games released before and including December 2003 to keep it consistant). Then, points will be awarded accordingly to create the master list. #1 on your list will receive 10 points, #2 will get 9 points, #3 = 8 points, and so on.


Hopefully this will give Cube newcomers a list of games to start on, an opportunity to see what individual members liked the most, and a chance to see which games LCVG members think are the best overall.


Keep in mind, This is just for fun. These lists are purely subjective should not be taken too seriously.


So, take a few minutes to jot down what Cube games you liked the best and then rank them. The master list will be found below:



1. Metriod Prime (185)

2. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (151)

3. Eternal Darkness (103)

4. Animal Crossing (100)

5. Super Monkey Ball (81) Super Monkey Ball 2 (58)

6. Pikmin (73)

6. Super Smash Bros. (73)

8. Super Mario Sunshine (57)

9. Viewtiful Joe (54)

10. Resident Evil (52)


Updated through AnthonyVolpe's favorites.

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After a little soul searching :) , my favorite Gamecube games have been:


1. Eternal Darkness - Amazing epic/horror/thriller playing as and witnessing the story of many different characters. Pure genius. :D

2. Super Smash Bros. Melee - The best multiplayer fighting game. ;)

3. Wave Race: Blue Storm - one of my favorite racing games ever. Amazing water physics. I really enjoyed 1p mode.

4. Animal Cossing - more addictive that Krispy Kreme doughnuts laced with crack.

5. Super Monkey Ball - great 1p game, but better as multi. Monkey Target rocks.

6. Resident Evil - the PS1 game with entirely new areas and enough changes to almost be a new game. And better graphics x1,000.

7. Phantasy Star Online ? So addicting and so much fun, it?s even fun online without a keyboard!

8. Metroid Prime - what more needs to be said of this game?

9. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - another great Zelda game, except for the sailing, and I had little intrest to collect all the treasure.

10. Viewtiful Joe - a great 2-D action game with innovative style and "VFX".


Honorable Mentions: Mario Party 4, Super Mario Sunshine, SSX Tricky, Splinter Cell, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Beach Spikers, Star Wars: Rouge Leader

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Purely based on my play experience. I haven't played a large percentage of available titles.


1. Metroid Prime

2. Ikaruga

3. Animal Crossing

4. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

5. Super Smash Bros.: Melee

6. Super Monkey Ball 2

7. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader

8. Viewtiful Joe

9. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

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1. Super Smash Bros. Melee - The best game for multiplayer fun, and the die-hard Nintendo fan.

2. Super Monkey Ball 2 - Monkeys in balls. This game gets more playtime than any game on my GC.

3. Eternal Darkness - "Scary Game" as my friend likes to call it. I've yanked out the controller cord many times while playing it.

4. Metroid Prime - 2D Metroid exploration and adventure in 3D. Go figure.

5. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - The graphic style first threw me off, but I came to my senses finally.

6. Def Jam Vendetta - Most fun wrestling game I've ever played.

7. Ikaruga - I like it when my fingers are numb and my eyes bleed.

8. Super Mario Sunshine - Although not much of an upgrade from Mario 64, still a damn good time.

9. Animal Crossing - My charcter in AC has more of a life than the real me. :(

10. Resident Evil - I've always loved Resident Evil 1. This update makes it that much more better.

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Excellent idea Cameron! Here are my choices:


1. Viewtiful Joe - Simply the best game available on the system right now. Fun as all who knows what


2. Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 - Do I even need to tell you why? P-A-R-T-Y


3. Pikmin - Man these things are cute and the game was a total shock to me because I normally hate this type of RTS style of gameplay. However I absolutely adored Pikmin and I look forward to its sequel.


4. Sonic Mega Collection - Its a compilation yes but you can't argue with the level of quality presented here. The only blight is the lack of the wonderful Sonic CD.


5. Ikaruga - Released on the beloved Dreamcast previously this shooter is still one of my favorites. I rencently purchased the game for a whopping 17.99 for the GC and suprisingly I actually like the Gamecube analog stick a bit more over the DC stick.


6. Metroid Prime - Who knew that first person platformaing could actually be done well! That is the biggest compliment I could give the game as I am someone that absolutely despises jumping an FP game. Retro hit it out of the park with this one.


7. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker - No need to speak here. Fantastic game marred only by its easy difficulty and endless sailing.


8. Resident Evil Remake - A retelling of the original tale with drop dead gorgeous graphics, new scenarios and what do you know, it actually made RE scary again.


9. Wario World - Its short but damn its sweet. Graphics are colorful and serve the game well. The psuedo 2D style really fits the game mechanics. Awesome title.


10. Eternal Darkness - Unique horror title that just loves to mess with your head. The centuries spanning storyline will keep you playing for sure. Great game though I don't think as highly of it as other GC fans. ;)

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I just picked up the GC fairly recently, so I haven't got all the big ones, but of the ones I've picked up so far (mostly I've hit the Player's Choice line-up):


1) Zelda: Collector's Edition (not sure if this counts, but there's a ton of great gaming here)

2) Metroid Prime

3) Eternal Darkness

4) Zelda: Wind Waker (would have probably been #2 if it weren't for the tedious sailing)

5) Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2

6) Timesplitters 2

7) StarFox Adventures

8) Super Monkey Ball

9) Pikmin (I didn't really get into this one)


Also I need to mention that I haven't finished any of these games yet, but I'm very close to the end on most of them.

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Arr mateys!


Here's my list...


1. Zelda: Wind Waker - I love the sailing and the graphics (plus that excellent ending) make this one for the ages. Evolutionary, but damn good at it.


2. Metroid Prime - I don't even like first-person games on any console, yet I love this one. Good story, excellent feeling, it really is Metroid in 3D. Lots of memorable scenes too. The section where you first get the thermal visor immediately springs to mind.


3. Eternal Darkness - The insanity effects here are brilliant. There is a lot of room for improvement, but that isn't to say that it doesn't get a ton of things right, enough so to make it one of my faves. Delicious story.


4. Super Smash Bros. Melee - You need three players at least to get the most out of this title, but when you do, look out. HAL really needs to sharpen the control up, but that's the only little glitch in a four-player experience par excellence. Suck down this pokeball, punk!


5. Skies of Arcadia Legends - Yeah, Dreamcast title. So? Great RPG, just great. The best console RPG I've played since Chrono Cross, and definitely in my top three period.


6. Animal Crossing - This game is more addictive than smack. Seriously. Eventually it becomes tiresome, but typically the player has put in around sixty hours by that point. I imagine with a bunch of people around to take up all the houses this game could last for years. The NES games are a nice touch too.


7. Resident Evil Remake - I give the edge to remake over Zero because of control-c. I do like Zero a lot too though, but Remake is a damn gorgeous piece of work. Either one is spot on for showing off you Cube as a graphics workhorse.


8. Viewtiful Joe - They do 2D games now? Yeah, they do, and they RULE. Capcom shows that it can actually make new things instead of rehashing stuff endlessly, and I appreciate it.


9. Mario Golf - Realistic? Hell no. Fun? Hell yes. An excellent gateway game for non-gamers too, if they can handle playing golf.


10. Mario Kart: Double Dash - Four-player action, check. Cooperative mode, check. Fun, check. Great little cart racer that plays fast and is a ton of fun. Maybe not the second coming of Mario Kart we'd been hoping for, but still a great little title.

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Ugh. I hate doing top 10's in order... I really believe in the High Fidelity way of ranking. :)


1. Metroid Prime

2. Animal Crossing

3. Eternal Darkness

4. Pac-Man Vs.

5. Viewtiful Joe

6. Nascar: Dirt to Daytona

7. F-Zero GX

8. Super Mario Sunshine

9. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

10. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour


Mario Kart might have been on my list... but I haven't played it multi-player with one of my friends yet... I can't really rank it without that.



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My all time, Gamecube Top 5:


1) Super Monkey Ball. What I bought my Cube for; its just pure game.


2) Animal Crossing. The game that makes it worth playing a whole year.


3) Soul Calibur II. Its Soul Calibur. But better, with a brilliant 1-player mode, graphics that are even more impressive, and the coolest, deepest fighter gameplay around. Plus Mitsurugi is the ultimate badass.


4) Pikmin. So cute, so addictive, so clever.


5) Rogue Leader. From the first moment you start the game, its the game you dreamt about playing 20 years ago. Red 5, standing by.


If you want to go up to Ten (Which is, of course, just WRONG, as any High Fidelity fan will tell you), then the rest would be (in order)


6) Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time. A slight cheat, as I'm mainly playing it on the PS2, and just checked the GC version to confirm its not really any different. The best platformer of the last 12 months, however, and possibly since the legendary Mario64.


7) Ikaruga. Sometimes, you just need to shoot stuff. Again, my main platform is elsewhere (DC in this case), but its a work of genius - the two colour thing works brilliantly, causing some serious strategic headaches as you get into it.


8) Super Monkey Ball 2. One player just isn't up to the marvellous standard of the first game, but the multiplayer is even more fleshed out, and once you start playing the new Monkey Target tactically, being able to knock the other person out of that 500 square is just evil.


9) Mario Sunshine. Look, its a different game to 64. Deal. Its still brilliant, and the backpack is so cunning its amazing.


10) F-Zero GX. Hang on lady, we go for a ride. The fastest game ever.

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1) Metroid Prime - Best game on the system easily

2) Zelda - Ok, maybe Metroid isn't #1 so easily

3) Mario Sunshine - Not the best Mario ever, but still a lot of fun. I pained me to part with it, but Samus called and I was broke.

4) F-Zero GX - Better than FZeroX, but still not as good as the original


That's about it. The number of GC games I've played is actually rather pathetic, especially since I got it first. I've got Viewtiful Joe but haven't tried it out yet, and I wasn't a fan of Monkey Ball or Rogue Leader much at all.

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Using this system so far, it looks like Metriod and Zelda (not surprisingly) group together in 1 and 2 while Animal Crossing and Eternal Darkness hold strong in 3 and 4.


Overnight Super Mario Sushine made a huge jump.


6 people have chosen Metriod Prime as their favorite Gamecube game, while only 1 person has picked Zelda as their fav.


Mario Kart, Pikmin, Mario Golf, Wave Race, and F-zero were all high among seveal people's lists, but just didnt have enough votes to place them using this method.

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Ok, another vote for Metroid and Zelda coming up!


1) Metroid Prime ? One of the best games on any system.

2) Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker ? Ditto.

3) Super Monkey Ball ? Tons of fun with friends. And easily turned into a drinking game. Haven't played the second one.

4) Eternal Darkness ? What a great game, and so cheap!


That's it, I really haven't played that many of the other candidates, so I'll leave them up to the rest of you.

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1) Metroid Prime

2) Eternal Darkness

3) Mario Party 5

4) Mario Party 4

5) Bomberman

6) Super Monkey Ball

7) Mario Kart: DD

8) Resident Evil

9) Resident Evil Zero


Sorry, I only have 9 :D


I'm all about the party games, and multiplayer madness. I can play Mario Party with my girlfriend and other friends, and my gf is able to stay competitive. Bomberman, Mario Party, and Monkey Ball are awesome party games. And yes, wavebirds are must haves 8)

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Based on the amount of time the disc has been in my GCN, I would have to vote as follows:


1. Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II

2. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader

3. Pikmin


I'm afraid to even admint how many hours I have logged in with PSO.

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Originally posted by danger9777@Jan 9 2004, 04:29 PM

LOL....has anyone noticed that so far the top 10 list consists of all Gamecube exclusive games? ;)

Yes, you can tell the Gamecube is not usually the platform most people choose for multi-platform titles. And it's also because, the Cube has so many great exclusive titles!

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I actually only ranked my exclusive titles. I thought that was the point of the poll. I also ranked the games more or less according to the time I'd put into them. P.N.03 isn't going to get more than my one vote, and it's certainly not better than MK:DD as I've ranked them, but I have spent much more time playing it. If I had included third-party titles I'd have thrown Burnout 2 and XGIII somewhere in there. I like GC third-party games. I bought a bunch of third-party sports games on the GC since that is the most-easily transportable of the consoles if I have to tote one to a friend's house.

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