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Pacer [PS4/Xbox/PC] - The new Wipeout game Sony couldn't be bothered to make themselves?

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So this appears to be out now.


Its history is interesting, starting out over five years ago as a kickstarter and Steam early access title under the name Formula Fusion. Developed by indie R8 Games, according to Wikipedia a number of people on the development team, including the company's founder, worked on Wipeout 3. They apparently even brought in Designers Republic for some of the art direction, and Cold Storage for some of the music.




It's $40/£33.


Anyone going to give it a try? I'm a bit concerned that review code does not seem to have gone out to the press as I can't find any reviews from the usual suspects.



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14 minutes ago, dogbert said:

It's been in "early access" on Steam for forever with not the greatest feedback (back when it was Formula Fusion). And they doubled the price... Waiting + seeing. Vektor2089 + BallisticNG are really good homages to Wipeout... 


Fast RMX on Switch has received a fair bit of love too. I've still yet to give that a try. Shin'en seem to be a great little developer.

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