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PayPal scam?


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Is this a scam?  Five days ago, A dude sent me $7.00 via paypal. Don't know him,  wasn't selling anything. He then immediately contacted me and said it was a mistake,  asking for his money back. I got an email from PayPal first saying I got the money, then saying it was under investigation because it was reported and not being authorized by the sender.


He's been bugging and bugging me to send him his 7 bucks back. He sent me a screenshot showing that his appeal was denied. However, his case # in his screenshot is different than the one I see on PayPal. Huge red flag?


This has all the earmarks of the "overpayment" scam, meaning if I had refunded the money by sending it to him, then it gets reversed, he's made a cool $7.


I don’t have the option to refund the payment via the PayPal site, or I would just do that. 


I just told him to contact PayPal and be patient. I hate to think it's some poor kid who legit made a mistake and is out $7 hard earned bucks. 



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