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Is WEP really that big of a hog?


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...or is something else eating my bandwidth?


After all my tribulations trying to download the new Links course last night over my WiFi setup (Netgear MR814v2 and Linksys WGA11B), I "borrowed" a long ethernet cable from work and ran it directly to my router to do the download.


Of course, it came down on the first try, fairly rapidly. :)


When I did the dashboard speed test, imagine my surprise to see my download speed at about 2700. When using the wireless connection it struggles to break the 1000 barrier. The only thing that I can see that's different is that I have to use WEP encryption on the wireless side. Does even 64K encryption really eat 1700?


Or are there any suggestions to improve my speed? The router and the WGA already have line-of-sight to each other, and are about 30 feet apart.


I'm stumped. :?

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I would guess only if there's some interference or something, since the router and the bridge have line-of-sight to each other (ie. I can stand at the bridge and physically see the router, about 30 feet away)...


It works pretty well for actual gaming, it just seems to be a problem when getting DLC.

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That's what I thought, so there must be some bizarro hardware incompatibility between the Netgear router and the Linksys gaming adapter...


I couldn't even download a tiny-ass autoupdate before playing Tetris Worlds last night without busting out the 30ft ethernet cable and going hardwired. Bah. :evil:

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Well, I fucking give up.


I replaced both the bridge (with a Microsoft Xbox Wirless adapter), with no change, so I returned the bridge and got a Linksys Wireless Router to match the game adapter I already have, and again no change. Even when they're sitting a foot and a half apart. :evil:


I guess I'm destined to string cable across my apartment...


Anyone want to buy a slightly used Linksys Wireless Game Adapter?

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Originally posted by Buck@Jan 30 2004, 04:02 PM

Do you experience slow downloads of updates over XBL as well, Paul?

That's a good question. If I knew the actual size such as KB or MB, I would know, but when it says stuff like 1300 blocks I have no idea what that means. For reference the Links downloaded course took about 10 minutes on my wireless connection.

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OK, I ran some more tests this morning to see if the game adapter really is problem.


Background info: I did three tests, one from my PC which has my DSL modem and wireless router, one from my laptop using a regular wireless card, and one from my laptop connected to the linksys game adapter. The results are as follows:


Speed tests from dslreports.com


From PC: 1131K DL, 213KUL


From laptop with wireless card: 1137K DL, 213K UL


From laptop connected to game adapter: 1123K DL, 217K UL


From xbox network settings: 765DL, 126 UL



In conclusion:


I got full throughput connected to the linksys game adapter. The xbox's numbers from the network settings are way underrated and should not be trusted. In my tests the xbox numbers were roughlly 60% of the actual bandwidth that is going to the xbox.


Anyone have any thoughts?


Can anyone else run these tests too so we can have some more info?

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