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Unread Content vs Spoiler Threads


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Something I've noticed with the "Unread Content" viewing option, which is how I usually view the site, happily shows the first sentence of the latest post in updated threads. Including spoiler threads. I added a black box to overwrite the Mando spoiler that Joey rightfully posted in a spoiler thread. 

Is there any site setup option for a "spoiler" thread to not show so easily? 






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As far as I know, there's no way to hide text unless it is in a spoiler tag. This is sort of why the Spoiler discussion is segregated in a sub-forum, so I can exclude its posts from showing in the "Recent Post" section on the home page.


The best solution is to create a custom Activity Stream and exclude that forum. You can then make that your default Activity Stream for when you check for new posts and the button appears where "Unread Content" is now for you (this is actually what I do). The downside is none of the posts from the Spoiler sub-forum will show up when you do that, and you would have to check that forum manually to view and read them.


Here is a post on how to do that if anyone wants to:


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