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Games Finished in 2021

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Romier's Completed Games of 2020


Monthly Additions:

1/3/2020 - Silent Hill Downpour (Xbox 360/Series X)

1/24/2021 - Dark Souls Remastered (Series X)

1/31/2021 - The Medium (Series X)

2/1/2021 - The Touryst (Series X) (1000/1000 Achievements)

2/13/2021 - Control (PS5) (Platinum Trophy/AWE and Foundations DLC complete)

2/14/2021 - Little Nightmares II (PS4/PS5) (Platinum Trophy)

2/21/2021 - The Mummy Demastered (PS4/PS5) (Platinum Trophy)


Grand Total: 7


Newly Completed:

  • The Medium (Series X)
  • The Touryst (Series X) (1000/1000 Achievements)
  • Little Nightmares II (PS4/PS5) (Platinum Trophy)
  • The Mummy Demastered (PS4/PS5) (Platinum Trophy)


Replayed Games:

  • Silent Hill Downpour (Xbox 360/Series) 
  • Dark Souls Remastered (Xbox Series X)
  • Control (PS5) (Platinum Trophy/AWE and Foundations DLC complete)


Currently Playing/On Deck:

  • TBD


2005 = 34

2006 = 23

2007 = 33

2008 = 21

2009 = 33

2010 = 36

2011 = 33

2012 = 27

2013 = 33

2014 = 38

2015 = 24

2016 = 23

2017 = 23

2018 = 38

2019 = 37

2020 = 60

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1/5 - Watch_Dogs: Legion (Xbox Series X)

1/21 - 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (PS5; platinum!)

2/3 - Immortals: Fenyx Rising (Xbox Series X)

[2/4 - Immortals: Fenyx Rising (Xbox Series X; 1000/1000!)]


Currently Playing Solo

Nothing at the moment.


On Hiatus
Overcooked! 2 (Xbox Series X)
River City Girls (Switch)


Haven't Started Yet
Sega Genesis Classics (Switch)
Starlink: Battle for Atlas (Switch)

Cyberpunk 2077 (Xbox Series X)

CrossCode (Switch)
Bowser's Fury (Switch)


I've Been Playing with My Wife (or Just Watching Her Play)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

The Lion King (Xbox Series X; finished on 1/2)

Tetris Effect: Connected (Xbox Series X)

A Short Hike (Switch; finished on 1/3)

Donut County (Switch; finished on 1/10)
Gorogoa (Switch; finished on 1/10)

Destruction AllStars (PS5)

Aladdin (Xbox Series X)

Super Mario 3D World (Switch)

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First game of 2021 is What Remains of Edith Finch.


I ended 2020 with a story narrative game and started 2021 with another.


I really liked it. There is really no game to speak of, but I found the story quite emotional and loved the different ways in which it told each character’s story. As a father of young children, a few of them almost made me start to cry. The fact that I was taking part in that (even in a small way) made it that much more hard to handle. 


Are there enough of these types of games available to get me to 50 this year


Is Dark Souls the palette cleanser for 2-3 hour walking simulators?

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