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The perfect video game: "It Takes Two"


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"That's another thing that I can guarantee you with It Takes Two: It's impossible, and quote me on this, to get tired of this game. You can put this as the headline. I can literally give 1,000 bucks to anyone who says, 'Oh, I'm tired of this game now because it doesn't surprise me.' One thousand bucks! I guarantee. I'll give it to everyone who gets tired. But they have to be honest about it."


Well god damn, a videogame that I cannot get bored of? I have four decades of evidence that says that is impossible, but bring it on!


Fun coop games that don't suck can just have my money --- right --effing --now. Even if they only last a few weeks. But sounds like I'll be playing this in the afterlife.

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Is anyone else playing this?


My wife and I are in the final levels of It Takes Two now, and it's in the running as my all-time favorite couch co-op game.  (And we've had a good run recently, especially Bowser's Fury.)  Cooperation is woven into pretty much every facet of the game -- not just "do this one thing at the same time to open a door" -- and I love how the mechanics are so different in every level with optional mini-games tossed in for even further variety.  Nothing ever has a chance to get stale.


I did feel kind of sad when I saw how many LFGs there were on the Xbox.  Communication and patience are so essential, and I feel like it'd be a tall order to match up well with someone at random.  It Takes Two is forgiving in many respects -- frequent checkpoints, no progress lost if you die as long as your partner is still alive -- but there's a lot of precision involved, plenty of figuring things out that aren't necessarily apparent at first, and many of these challenges will take multiple attempts (even if it's just "oops, I fell; let's try this again for the 4th time").  I can very easily imagine things getting extremely frustrating very quickly if you're not playing with the right person.


It Takes Two kind of has that Shadow of the Tomb Raider energy where its lead characters are practically the villains.  Especially in the first half of the game, nearly every enemy encounter is a direct result of Cody and May's negligence, thoughtlessness, or mistreatment.  Things are starting to turn around a bit where I am, but I've actively disliked them for the majority of the game.  That they're poor partners is a given, since that's the premise of the game, but (light spoilers!):

  • Spoiler


    • They're such poor parents that their daughter Rose carries on a one-sided conversation with their catatonic bodies and never realizes anything's amiss.  It's just another day where she talks to them and gets absolutely nothing back.
    • They deceive Moon Baboon, whose sole motive is to protect Rose.
    • And Cutie the Elephant is the single most adorable, lovable character in a video game, ever, and the horrors they needlessly inflict upon her



...are more disturbing for my money than any of The Last of Us Part II's most gruesome imagery.  That's all very much by design, but I can't say that it really works for me.


But the gameplay itself is second to none, and I'm already looking forward to playing this again since I'm sure it'll be a very different experience as May.

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7 minutes ago, JTello said:

I had been highly anticipating this game, but one of the first reviews I saw kinda cooled me off.




So, what's the deal, is this review just ridiculous? It seems like many others like the game. 


I haven't played it and it doesn't matter - that review is so ridiculously over the top for any game. He's continually praising the moment to moment mechanics but finding fault in the framing and going to dark dark places to try to make the game look bad. I laughed, a lot, at it. 

Adam's comments above touch on similar points to the Polygon review, but look past them as a blocker.

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We finished this a couple of days ago, and I do feel like the second half of the game is much more successful in making me feel invested in these characters and their relationships. 


It's a dangerous thing to say with so much of 2021 still remaining, but this is going to be hard to unseat as my Game of the Year.  It's unreal just how many different mechanics are introduced (with a fair number of variations as well) and that every single one of them is executed perfectly.

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