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Anybody else still prefer the regular (non-SP) GBA?

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Although I am a moderator on the Triton Labs forums, I have to go with the SP.


Blasphemer! Or maybe not.


I only have some store demo-model time on the SP but that little bit of experience leads me to believe that I would do well to stick with my Afterburnered GBA.


That isn't to say that I couldn't be swayed the other direction with some more SP time.

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D'oh! Busted. blackcalx is another moderator over there. Sad to say he's one of the few intelligent voices we have left, which is why I suggested he come over here. I think he's another "big mitted" gamer, so the older GBA is probably more comfortable. You know what they say about big hands...












Big Game Boys.

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And blackcalcx, can I assume you know that calx means claw? How did you come to your handle? Inquiring minds want to know.




Yes, but calx also refers to the residue left by calcinated metals.


My handle is 1/4 Aphex Twin fanboyism and 3/4 wierd freakin' dream leftovers.


The full story is here.

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The SP was a Godsend for me....


I guess I'm the opposite. I had a pretty bad problem with thumb cramping while playing the regular GBA.


I would get a pain between the knucles of both thumbs, no matter how I tried to hold it.


Now with the GBA-SP, the thumb cramping is gone, and it feels comfortable in my big 'ol hands.

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My only problem with the SP is how thin it is. The button position is fine, but the unit is so damn thin, my hands are all curled up. I've gotten used to it over time. I was never comfortable with the regular GBA L & R buttons, whereas the SPs are in a better position for me.


I also had an AfterBurner GBA (installed by YourHappyPlace.com, who did an excellent job) but the SP screen walks all over the AB light. The AB was a lifesaver for the original GBA, the thing was pratically useless without it, but it's no replacement for a screen designed with a light in mind.

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The '26 Mixes For Cash' CD


Don't. Just don't, ok? Mine has been christened 13 mixes for cash, as I've completely lost my second CD somewhere. Thank goodness I still have half of the contents on vinyl from their original releases.


On topic, I vastly prefer the SP (even though I use it with the backlight off most of the time, as it generally gets played outside), as I find it more comfy and easier to cart around.


One thing I'm still not sure about is the new direction pad - anyone else find it a bit slippy?

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