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Clone Wars Night! -Wed Jan 14th at 9 PM EST.-Be th

Chris F

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So Joey (CaptDS9e) and myself ("CW", RuFfNeCk, Chris) were discussing Clone Wars.


While the game is universally panned for it's single player, the multiplayer aspects of it are pretty damn cool. Especially the "Conquest" mode.


So in the interest of those of us who have the game, and a few of us should have it, especially those with new Xboxes, we decided to make a Clone Wars night, if there's any interest.


Anyone else interested in getting a game together one night? I know LokJok (Marlon) will be in, since it's one of the few Xbox Live game he owns, but I know a lot of other people have it as well. Especially those of us who were lucky to get the new Xbox Holiday Bundle.

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I'll be down for future games, as I recently bought a SECOND Xbox, which came with Clone Wars. But I have GTA double pack, Deux Ex, Otogi, Brute Force, Amped 2, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Indiana Jones, SSX 3, Top Spin, Crimson Skies, and Dance Dance Revolution giving me the puppy dog eyes. And I promised MM3 I'd give it flowers, and I am way behind on that.

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