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So I’ve been playing this and have seen a few of you on too so figured we should have a thread. I’m liking it quite a bit so far, it’s a fun mix of Minecraft + Zelda + Skyrim. It’s been stable for me with no issues, graphics are low-if but actually good looking and the gameplay has pretty remarkable depth with so many crafting and item recipes. The world itself is pretty lively with tons of critters and buildings, dungeons, etc and its interesting to explore. Highly recommended, especially for an early access title. 

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Been playing in a co-op world with my friend and we’re now able to craft bronze gear so I was feeling ready to take on the Elder... and then I fought my 1st wolf 😕🐺I was just exploring and uncovering the map and found the Mountain region and went 20 steps or so into the snow and got the freezing debuff and a wolf aggro’d me. I ran back down but it still took 10secs or so for the debuff to drop and the wolf was WAY faster than me and attacked immediately. I couldn’t block anything so started hitting him with my sword to try and kill him quick but, it seemed to do barely any damage and then I was dead. Doing a corpse run up the Mountain with the wolf still nearby was not without its “challenges” but I got my equipment and attacked him again. After my 2nd death I realized I am a “stupid person” and did my 2nd corpse run 😬 This time though, I got my gear and ran from the wolf while keeping aggro at the furthest distance I could using the bow and got him to a nearby dungeon where I could use hit and run tactics to heal in the dungeon and then come back out and attack again.


I finally beat the wolf and I was Elated with the wolf pelt and trophy because it felt so tough to earn but, it was also a wake-up call that Valheim can be quite tough as soon as you’re out of the Meadows. 

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My friend and I fought the 2nd boss the Elder and have now “tamed” the Black Forest. There’s still lots of baddies but we’ve cleared every Burial Chamber and Troll Cave we’ve found and even a few trolls attacking at the same time aren’t too bad now. We’ve started setting up an encampment near the edge of the Swamp and are clearing Crypts now for iron and making tougher armor, weapons, etc. Our world seed is a weird one in that between the Swamp and Black Forest there is a tiny stretch of Plains on one side with every Deathsquito ever created 😳

So, after “learning” from the 15 or so deaths I endured by Deathsquitos we now go around and down a hill the long way to get to the Swamp and reach it alive (hallelujah). I am loving this game despite how difficult the ramp up between biomes is. It’s all just fun from crafting to exploring to combat - it all clicks in a way few games do. It sounds weird too but, the tutorials being more obscure and having to learn stuff on your own works to the games benefit, not against it. There is so much about this game that, if I were reading it would sound bad to me but, from playing it, it really does all gel together beautifully :)

Edit: Oh and Wolves are still bitey-fuckers who can still outrun me and kill me almost instantly.

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