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PlayStation Announces Next Gen VR System for PS5

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Just now, ChrisBardon said:

Given that they're talking up a new controller, what are the odds that it's possible to run this standalone for wireless games, and tethered for higher end stuff?  Basically, a Sony-branded Oculus Quest with Link capability? 

Since they mention that it will have a corded connection..... zero chance?


It’ll probably have inside out tracking to avoid having to use a camera, but I doubt there would be stuff inside to actually run games without a PS5.


I’m excited that they’re talking about it, and glad to hear that they are using what they’ve learned to improve the tracking and controllers. I loved my PSVR but the tracking and move controllers was the worst thing about it. 

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4 hours ago, Graeme said:

Since they mention that it will have a corded connection..... zero chance?


 I saw the mention of the corded connection, but that doesn't preclude a hybrid.  I don't think they'd do it, but it'd be an interesting path for a console maker to take (using a console to drive higher fidelity VR experiences, while still allowing mobile VR at lower quality). 


Glad to see that they're interested in more VR though! 

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Honestly, I’m mostly excited that they are officially acknowledging its existence instead of being somewhat coy about it. 

I’m not sure what my desire for this will be in the end. I loved my PSVR, but I don’t use it much anymore. There are a few reasons why, but I think the biggest one is that the novelty of VR has worn off a bit. Where once it felt like I was in another world, now it feels more like I’m just strapping a screen to my head. It’s still a very cool experience, but it’s almost just a normal one now. 

I still feel like I’ll want it (I still want a Quest), but I don’t know how much. 

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