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PlayStation Announces Next Gen VR System for PS5


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Take it with a grain of salt but there's hub bub that Sony held a closed door 90 minute next gen VR presentation and the details have leaked:


  • Referred to as NGVR by Sony (next gen PSVR) - not PSVR 2
  • Will use Fresnel OLED screens with a 2000x2040 resolution per eye
  • HDR display
  • FOV is 110 degrees
  • Uses Flexible Scaling Resolution in addition to Foveated Rendering which used in conjunction with eye tracking both which aims to scale resolution based upon the user's concentrated view and reduces the strains on PS5 resources
  • Haptics are planned for the headset itself to reduce motion sickness and improve immersion
  • The new controllers which don't have a name yet will be packaged with every new NGVR headset at launch.
  • The controllers will include capacitive touch sensors, which are analogue based and can track the distance between your fingers and thumb. This is in addition to haptics and adaptive triggers which have already been announced
  • Sony want to move away from "VR experiences" and concentrate on AAA games with an aim to make hybrid games that are playable in both flat screen and VR. When those titles launch you can even select which version you want to download.
  • Nothing was mentioned regarding BC for PSVR1 but there is a push to remaster some PSVR1 games
  • The headset itself wasn't shown and release date wasn't mentioned but launch plans will be revealed in early 2022.


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Take with a big grain of salt but rumors abound that Sony’s recently purchased Firesprite studio is working on a Horizon VR game for the eventual launch of Sony’s next gen VR system releases.




PSVR without Parole also had a video where they talked about details:



  • Not specific about Horizon but PSVR2 games are in the works for years now, Horizon VR started playtesting in 2019.
  • 100% a PSVR2 game.
  • New standalone story
  • Male Character
  • First Person
  • Aloy is also in the game to an unknown extent.
  • Level of details in the scenery are ''staggering'' according to the source, visuals are supposed to be close to Horizon Zero Dawn's on PS4.
  • PSVR2 only, not hybrid, Sony hybrid initiative is a thing but it could be recent and/or focused on third parties, to convince them more easily to port games to PSVR2.
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