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SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer Announced


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SVS has been on a tear lately with product announcements, but this one is extra special, in my opinion.



Product page — $799.99 US


The subwoofer I own is in this product category (micro subs) — the Bowers & Wilkins PV1D. It’s very similar to the 3000 Micro  in that it has two 8-inch active drivers and a 10-inch enclosure. SVS’s CEO talks some smack in the video, saying it’s the first micro-sub that is legitimately a subwoofer, but I will go on the record and say that the one I have is a beast as well. If you don’t think it’s possible to get amazing performance out of a sub this small, you would be wrong.


Prior to the PV1D, I was an SVS owner myself. I had a 16-46PC Plus, which was their largest cylinder sub at the time. I loved it, but changes in my life (kid) necessitated the move to something much, much smaller. I would have bought another SVS, but the space I had available to me was too small for even their smallest box sub at the time. The PV1D won almost by default. It was really the only one that would fit in the space I had available for it (a 1 foot squared block of floor next to the wall. I ended up being very happy with the purchase. Pound for pound, I thought it either matched or beat the bigger SVS in just about every way other than price.


When I bought the sub, it was about $1,799 retail. The dealer I bought it from let me have it for just a little over $1,500. Nowadays, it goes for $1,999.99. If SVS can match the performance of the B&W in a similar sized box at less than half the price, then that will make it a tremendous value. And honestly, if the 3000 Micro had been available nine years ago, I probably would have bought it instead.

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7 hours ago, Josh said:

Very very interested. Thanks for the heads up! My SB1000 is still kicking but if this offers more punch in a similar form factor...


Did you see there was an update to the SB-1000? The SB-1000 Pro model appears to be a significant update to the original version, including a new driver, amp, and (for the ported model) an additional port for added extension and volume.



I’ve been toying with the idea of replacing my current desktop speakers with a pair of SVS Prime Wireless speakers and a SB-1000 Pro. The thing is that the 3000 Micro would be a good fit for it, too thanks to it’s smaller footprint. However, I think I’d be well served with the SB-1000 given that I would use it mostly for music.

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