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Cyber Shadow (PC, PS4/5, Xbox)

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I needed to make a thread for this amazing game. I just finished it last night after downloading and playing via Game Pass. This is quite literally a modern Ninja Gaiden. The 8-bit Ninja Gaiden that is. Calling it that is selling it short though. It takes the structure of those incredible games and adds plenty of elements like checkpoint stations that can be upgraded to make level runs easier. All of that alongside the lack of a life system (lives are infinite) means you don't have to worry about limited continues or unfair level restarts.


These modern gameplay elements make life with the game more fair without compromising its difficulty and I absolutely adored my time with it. The optional feats you can complete are some of the most challenging you'll see in most modern games including these types of 8-bit reduxes but don't let that scare you. The feel of movement and combat here is as good as any of those old Gaiden classics. If you have an Xbox and Game Pass, there's nothing stopping you from trying this. If you don't have an Xbox, its still well worth the price of admission.



My only issue is that the game does not have a physical release available. I really, really hope Yacht Club does one or partners with Limited Run Games or another vendor to offer a proper physical version of this wonderful game. I'd shell out that money in a heartbeat.

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