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Black Mesa (Half-Life 1 remake)

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This is an older one but, Black Mesa is the remake of HL1 using the updated Source engine. I recently started it up (been in my backlog for a while now) as I had been meaning to replay HL again and I thought it would be a good secondary game while I play other stuff as primary. Just posting this because it’s a good remake - and because it’s still kind of amazing how good HL1’s level design and flow are even after all this time. HL1 was years ago and I genuinely think these levels, the environmental puzzles, the settings and story progression all still holds up; not just as “ok” but, Great. Loving it. 

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Yea it’s pretty amazing actually. I’m loving replaying the game 😊 constantly triggering nostalgia and “eureka” moments from years ago and figuring out the puzzles again like it was the first time. 

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Finished my playthrough - the Xen sections and even the fight against Nihilanth at the end were way better than I remember from the original. This was a lot of fun to revisit and the BM remake looked pretty good and was stable with very few issues too. Very cool. 

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