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Ace Combat 7 [PS4/Xbox/PC]

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The game's a couple of years old now I know, but I wanted to start a thread on the game having completed it this evening as I highly, highly recommend playing it to those who have yet to give it a whirl.


Twenty missions, many frustratingly challenging (you'll be hearing "missile, missile, missile!" in your sleep), but every win feels immensely rewarding and combat is regularly thrilling. What's particularly impressive is just how varied each of those twenty missions are. It's rare that any two are alike, and all at the very least put you in a different visual environment. 


Having had it on my PlayStation wish list for some time it was a real treat to have it to play on Game Pass (you get some VR missions on the Playstation version, however, which could be a fantastic little bonus to anyone who'd sooner play there and has PSVR). 


I wish I had multi-channel surround to enjoy it as the sound design is first class. Great soundtrack too:




Here is John's lengthy Digital Foundry review from 2019:



It never received a mid-gen patch which is a shame, but even at 1080p it remains a fantastic looking game at 60fps (uncapped on mid-get systems, but must surely be hitting a locked 60 on PS5 and Series X). Auto-HDR on Series X adds a little something next-gen to the visuals at least, particularly when the bright sun cuts through the clouds.


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32 minutes ago, Angry the Clown said:


high five tom cruise GIF by STARZ



Although the game is set some way into the future one of the biggest take aways it left me with is that I've STILL never actually seen Top Gun. 😆

You need to fix that. Maybe you can catch a double showing when Part 2 comes out.

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12 minutes ago, kelley said:

You need to fix that. Maybe you can catch a double showing when Part 2 comes out.


It's regularly in UHD disc sales here these days so my plan is to buy it and see it before the sequel opens, certainly. It's a film I've only seen in fragments for whatever reason, which is bizarre as I enjoy a lot of Tony Scott's work. It's just one of those major cultural films that just kept eluding me over the years. I've seen enough of it to find Hot Shots funny and know the parts its spoofing, however. :) I've just never seen it all in one straight sitting. 

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