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Sonic Colors Ultimate announced (PS4/5, Xbox, Switch, EGS)

Romier S

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PS4 version running on PS5 BC is 1440p and near flawless 60fps

Xbox Series X run at 4K and near flawless 60fps.

PS4 and Pro versions run with hitches that affect the framerate but target 60fps.

Xbox One X is 60fps but with even worse hitches that are more affecting.

Xbox One S is 900p (moves to 1080p on Series S) and suffers the same hitches targeting 60fps. Series S runs at near flawless 60fps. 

The Switch version is a mess. 30fps cap, lower res, lower asset quality and longer loading times than the original Wii game running from an optical disc.


If you’re playing on PS5 or Series X? It’s a solid experience that needs a patch to iron out some minor issues. Otherwise, you’re in for some problems. Especially with the Switch port.

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