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Forza Horizon 5 [Xbox/PC] - Nov 9th 2021

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I missed this when it came out a couple weeks ago, but here is a list of the cars featured in Forza Horizon 5.


By no means is the list complete, of course, more cars will be added to the list both before and after the launch.


I admit, one thing I’m not looking forward to when starting the new game is having to rebuild my car collection. I’m up to 596 cars now in FH4, and it will be sad to lose some of my old favorites in the process. ☹️

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Lots of hands-on impressions of the opening of the game are making the rounds today. Here’s an interesting note from the preview over at Polygon:




“The other things that we’ve done in this title, which are almost a little counterintuitive, is that we’ve made some huge investments into the physical performance of our suspension and braking,” Brown said. “In both cases, we’ve strived to make them behave more authentically. So the brakes now, rather than being kind of on/off, there’s a much more gradual grip of the discs on the brake. So you can really adjust as you’re squeezing that trigger. It’s a much more gradual application of braking.”


Driving with an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller (on standard settings), I can attest to the better feel in the improved braking; moreover, I can attest to the simulation steering setting again being the best way to draw out this feature. The binary on/off braking Brown described from past Horizons leads to a lot of feathering, flick-steering, and other sharp, minute movements common to arcade racing, in my experience. The car becomes hyper-responsive as a result. Forza Horizon 5’s more lifelike steering, braking, and suspension let me keep my hands on the wheel and stay more involved in a turn, especially the hairpins and square rights that demand extra technique at speed.



I know exactly what they’re talking about here. You can feel it, especially in the faster cars, that the braking has been very all-or-nothing. You hit the brakes very slightly, and the car feels like it’s trying to come to a complete stop, rather than just slowing down. I’ll be very interested in experiencing this when the game finally ships.


Also, I have not watched all of it yet, but here is the Easy Allies preview in which Bloodworth gives his initial impressions:



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