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Windows 11 visuals and more leaks...

Romier S

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There are some more screenshots here: https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-11/251954/windows-11-a-few-more-screenshots:  This makes things a little more familiar.  As long as you can still turn off grouping and hide search/task view, then it'll all be fine.




I actually kind of came to like the current win10 start menu.  Being able to pin multiple things has proven useful for work:


Shortcuts for multiple branches of executables that don't need to be pinned to the taskbar, but are nice to have on hand.

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The first preview of this dropped in the insider dev channel yesterday, so I fired up a VM and installed it to see how things worked.  For the most part, it's still just Windows, so things like mmc, powershell, etc still work as expected.  All the management tricks you're used to should still work, so that's something.  The other things I noticed so far:

-There is no way to turn off the icon combination on the taskbar.  This means a lot of wasted real estate, and, to me, a less usable system. 

-You can still sign in with a local account (no MSA).  I started with win10 enterprise, and had a non-domain account (with no password even), and that came up to 11 with no issues.  I was wondering how this would work on my kodi machines, so this answers that question.

-The CPU requirements are kind of crazy.  My main work machine is a Dell XPS15 9550, which is only a few years old, and technically it's not compatible because it has a 7th generation i7.  I get wanting to require a TPM and UEFI boot, but this is going to leave a lot of devices behind, especially given how many enterprises keep machines around for years. 

-Having things like Windows Terminal built in is really neat, but they dropped (or haven't added back) the accelerator keys on the Win+X menu.  This might be a pretty narrow problem, but I use that menu all the time in 10, so I already filed a bug in 11 to bring it back :)

-The new settings view isn't terrible.  I still don't like that it's fording things into a single view instead of being able to have, say, network settings and windows update visible at the same time, but it's better than what's in 10. 

-There is a LOT of space dedicated to "suggested" things (like docs etc) that you might want to go back to.  Again, as a developer I might not be the typical use case, but I'd much rather be able to use that space for my own stuff.  If I need to find a word doc, I'll either pull it up from Sharepoint, file explorer, or just open word and go to the doc history (which is actually quite good in M365 environments). 


Overall, it's windows 10 with a coat of paint that seems unnecessary.  I haven't been able to test the two most interesting things yet: the multi-display improvements and the android APK compatibility, but some of that is coming in later builds. 

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33 minutes ago, foogledricks said:

Do you use powertoys? I use fancy zones and it is very useful to me. Wonder what’s happening with that.


I did for a bit, but never really kept up with it.  Didn't bother installing it after the last format either.  It's still being maintained as an open source project though, and everything in there should just work.  All FancyZones is doing is tiling windows in a specific way, so no reason that shouldn't continue to work. 



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So new work PC meant I could install win11 on it and be supported, so I figured I'd give it a shot.  Other than the taskbar grouping stuff and the start menu being generally useless, it's fine.  You don't need the start menu for much anyway, and I've just pinned a bunch more shortcuts to the taskbar.  Two cool things I've found though:

-The quick launch (win+x) menu puts Terminal in place of the regular powershell.  This is good, because you can now launch an admin terminal with win+x, a.

-The android app compatibility is off to an OK start, and there's already a pretty robust helper app for APK sideloading.  The official preview is US only, but you can get around that with some powershell, and then it's just a matter downloading what you need.  I haven't tried to get google play running, but Marvel Unlimited works.  They don't support bluetooth yet though (at least not direct pairing) so I don't think I'll be able to run the return to dark tower app on my laptop once I finally get my game. 

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