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The absolute greatest videogame trailers of all time - Choose your form!

Romier S

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The title is self-exclamatory and I'll get the ball rolling with three of what I consider the best videogame trailers of all time in no particular order. There's no rules here. It can be either gameplay or cinematic. Teasers or full on trailers, etc.


Deus Ex Human Revolution Cinematic Trailer:



Silent Hill 4 - E3 2004:



The near 10 minute debut of Metal Gear Solid 2!



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They're unlikely to rank as the "greatest" as I suspect most people have forgotten all about them, but the absurdly expensive cinematic story trailers for Star Wars The Old Republic are still quite striking to watch:




And the Wipeout 2048 intro cinematic which was also a trailer at one point:



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1 hour ago, Magness said:

And who could forget…


Mortal Kombat

(original home console release for Sega)


Well if we're extending things to commercials, then the Rik Mayall Nintendo ads from the 90s are very dear to me:




And this SEGA Megadrive ad:




Playstation's UK commercials:




And David Lynch's UK PS2 commercial:



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