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4 hours ago, dogbert said:

I was gonna say - try Descenders. It's a little lowfi at times, but it's been an awesome "chill out" game that I keep coming back to. 

Is that the snowboarding one? This did remind me of that.

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So... it's pretty much what I expected. Great visuals, fun but predictable gameplay, and an equally predictable cringey "storyline" that has something to do with being extreme along with some self-referential humor that I think tries to get above the cliche but just doesn't land. I'll give it more time, though, as I really do like the cycling element. I'm hoping there's more cross-country, chill riding available and not just downhill ride-through-the-ring stuff that we've seen time and again. Have only done solo / offline so far, so I'm guessing that the madness of 50 people online racing might change things up a bit. Quick tip: the first-person view is decades better than 3rd person for this one. They really nailed that.

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