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Venom mid credit scene spoiler


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Ok so i had heard from a few people who saw the new Venom early  that best part was the Mid credit sequence, and it was must see. So we went to see the movie, which was better then the first, but still all over the place. I hope the rumors of marvel trying to get the property back is true. BUT the mid credit scene was very exciting. 


Eddie Brock/Venom are away on some tropical vacation spot,  in a cheap hotel room watching a tv show , when all of sudden this ripple happens in reality happens. They react to it happening with a “what is that”  . The room changes to a standard hotel room, and what is on the tv changes. It is the end credit scene from spiderman no way home where Jonah Jameson is revealing to the world that Parker is Spider-Man. (Not clear if this was the exact moment or a replay), Brock goes close to the tv and Venom licks the tv saying “him”.  Some other guy comes out of the bathroom wondering why Brock is in his hotel room. brock is sitting on the floor confused

So venom himself or his reality has been merged with the MCU.  

I would like to see Tom Hardys Venom in a Marvel Studios film.I like this version of the characger, but the films around him are just horrible.



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