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Retro Revisit: Castlevania Symphony of the Night (PSX)

Romier S

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So before I dive into Metroid Dread, I figured it’s a good time to revisit one if the unmitigated classics that defined the genre - Symphony of the Night. I’m playing on my modded PSX on my 20M4U as well as via HDMI/PS1 Digital and am having a complete blast with it. The game has aged like fine wine. Visually, I’d put it up against of the current indie games trying to ape this pixel style even 25 years later.


Thus far if I have any complaint it’s that the difficulty isn’t terribly high. That was an issue that existed when the game originally released, anyways. However it certainly sticks out as being one of its biggest flaws. Especially as you progress and get more powerful. The later bosses really are pushovers once you have a pretty beefed up Alucard. 

Still, despite this the exploration and the rewards for being thorough still give that fantastic feeling that these games strive for. This is an example of one of those games that are so well designed that you can’t help but get completely captured by its atmosphere and allure to check every nook and cranny.


So far, Im done with the standard castle and have moved on to the inverted castle after taking down Shaft’s orb that was controlling Richter. This shot is just before I finished that boss fight and transitioned over:




At my last save point in the inverted castle, I’m at 120% completion after about 7 hours of play time. I hope to have this wrapped up by the end of the week at which point I’ll post some final thoughts on it.

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