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Star Wars Eclipse from Quantic Dream


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In anticipation of their upcoming 25th anniversary, David Cage, Guillaume De Fondaumiere and "the rest of the Quantic Dream Team" have released a statement regarding current statistics and improvements made to Quantic Dream's culture. Take them for what you will.





As we approach our 25th anniversary celebration next month, we wanted to share that Quantic Dream has been in the process of reassessing our practices to ensure the culture of our studio remains supportive, safe and respectful of everyone.


Today, we would like to share some facts and actions we have taken to further our commitment to nurturing a respectful, welcoming and supportive studio:




  • We are partnering with an LGBTQIA+ organization to advise on authentic representation of LGBTQIA+ characters, stories and themes in our games. Training sessions and brainstorms have already started.
  • Quantic Dream is engaged with the Diversity Charter promoted by French organizations SNJV and SELL, the governmental agencies DGE and CNC. you can read it HERE.
  • Our LGBTQIA+ community has nominated representatives to ensure that diverse voices and authentic representation are infused in everything that we do, and that a diversity of viewpoints are represented at all levels in the studio.
  • We have and will continue to hire and elevate diverse talent, including within our writing staff, to ensure that we reflect the diversity of our audience and the games we want to create.
  • Employees from the LGBTQIA+ community have been present at the studio since its creation. Many have seniority of ten years or more in the company, occupying all positions and levels of responsibilities.
  • We are welcoming a DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) leader to the team, with a specific budget dedicated to DEI initiatives.
  • More than 50% of our managers are women, including our Production Directors, our Marketing VP, our Sales Director, our Communications Director, our Human Resources Director, many Project Managers, Producers and Department Leads. Our Equity score (evaluated by the French Government) shows equity in salary and equal treatment between women and men.
  • Internal processes allow any employee to report workplace issues anonymously through non-executive staff. Different channels, including dedicated digital spaces, are available to express themselves, share ideas and voice concerns. Anonymous surveys are also conducted in our team on a regular basis by independent third-party companies specialized in human resources so anyone can freely express their opinion or concerns.




To ensure that our core values and beliefs are clear and represented, we will continue to broaden ourselves, make our workplace the safest environment and further support communities and our own team here at Quantic Dream.

David Cage, Guillaume De Fondaumiere and the rest of the Quantic Dream Team

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