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Sonic Frontiers Announced (PS4/5, Xbox Family, Switch, PC) - Releasing November 8th, 2022

Romier S

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I’ll repost what I already put up in the games finished thread:


I was hoping to do something special and finish Earthbound for the first time in the SNES for my 100th game completed this year but I started playing Sonic Frontiers and well, I couldn’t put it down. This is the first Sonic game I’ve beaten since the Dreamcast days and it’s the first one I’ve like tremendously since Sonic Generations. The open world nature of the game is very enticing here. Every area is just peppered with loops, springs and walls to run up that will net you memory icons which are needed to unlock more story points. There are also map points that require Sonic to complete a challenge to unlock more of the map, too. Along with standard enemies there are mini-bosses which drop cog-wheels that let you unlock portals to the cyber-net where the game transitions to more traditional 3D Sonic levels. These are a hodge-podge of recognizable areas from games of old and while they are well designed and fun to play, they are the weakest element of the game as they don’t present much new. Beating these levels will give you keys that you can use to unlock the chaos emeralds and once you have all of them, you transform into Super Sonic and fight the areas major Titan Boss. This structure will see your way through 5 distinct “open” maps and it’s generally an absolute blast to play and explore. The second to last map requires Sonic to power down 6 towers and each is its own huge platforming puzzle. I haven’t had a smile on my face that big during a Sonic game since Sonic 2! The whole thing just has an excellent ‘just one more map reveal” aspect to it that pushed me to spend 25 hours with it over a few days. I can’t recommend it enough!


I’ll add that I finished up the platinum trophy tonight. 


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