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You're OLD. We're all old... and The Fellowship of the Ring opened 20yrs ago today.


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Colbert raises an interesting point there amongst the tomfoolery. There's no real effort on Warner's part to mark the occasion, which perhaps comes as no surprise after their woeful half-arsed Middle Earth UHD box set that didn't carry over any of the legacy special features (and the 4k "restorations" themselves already being of questionable quality).


Anyway, I have immensely fond memories of my annual opening morning trips to the cinema to see all three films, and get togethers with friends to premiere the extended editions at home each following year. Tonight I will watch the 4k extended of Fellowship, and fit the other two in after Christmas. It's been over five years since I had a chance to indulge in the trilogy so I'm really looking forward to it. I know long time Marvel fans will point to their favourites, but in the intervening years since LOTR I've not seen films that created such an emotional response with their cinematic spectacle for me, and I dare say I probably never will again.








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Yeah, I still remember going to see Fellowship on opening day. I hadn't read any of the books, but the hype surrounding this movie was huge. I took the day off work to check it out. I went alone, but the theater I saw it in was packed. I remember it being dead quiet in the theater when the hobbits were hiding from the Wraiths. You could cut the tension with a knife.


A few days later, I got together with a couple friends of mine as we often did on the weekends during that time. We were trying to figure out what to do that night, and I suggested going to see The Fellowship of the Ring. My one friend, Dale, didn't know what it was. Apparently, he had never heard of the books, didn't know about the movies or anything. He never even saw a trailer for the film before we went to see it. He went in about as blind as can be. Let's just say it blew him away. He went out and bought the books and became a huge Tolkien fan. A few years ago, when he got married, he even had the DJ play the Fellowship Theme when the ring bearer walked down the aisle. 

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I had hoped to watch this film today to mark the 20th.  It remains one of my favorite movies and certainly among my favorite movie experiences ever.  Unfortunately, family obligations necessitated traveling today, so my schedule was not my own.  I’ll watch it in a week or two.  But thank you for the remembrances.  I still consider FotR the best of the three films (yes, I love all three), and it never fails to move me.  A tremendous work of art.

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Managed to finish up the trilogy this evening. The Grey Havens and Sam returning home still destroys me. 


I still prefer the abandoned Use Well the Days song to Into the West. I never liked the chorus of Into the West much, but the verses are lovely. "I will take the hidden path that runs, west of the moon and east of the sun. I'm glad that you are here with me, here at the end of all things," being worked into Use Well the Days really hits me hard though.


To date, Use Well the Days has only ever been included as a bonus on the DVD that came with the ltd edition ROTK score (not the complete recordings, the 2003 album).



"I must leave, must cross this sea. The love you gave is all I take with me". 😥



It was odd that they didn't carry it over to the Complete Recordings, or for the CD that accompanied Doug Adams' book that added additional material as on the DVD that came with the original soundtrack album it's only presented in Dolby Digital, so there's never been a nice lossless PCM release. There are a few little odd choices/omissions on the otherwise magnificent complete recordings sets.

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