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Nobody Saves the World (from the Makers of Guacamelee) — Launching January 18, 2022 on Xbox, Steam, and Game Pass


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I posted about this in the Game Pass thread, but given the pedigree of the developer, felt like it deserved one of its own.



This kind of came out of nowhere for me. I'm a huge fan of both Guacamelee titles and Severed, so I'm definitely interested in this one. This is a bit of a different genre for them — Action RPG — but I think it still looks like something I would enjoy. The fact that it's coming to Game Pass day one is icing on the cake.

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Anyone else playing this?  It's a fun idea so far-kind of a mashup of Zelda and Ratchet and Clank.  I really appreciate the fact that the different forms all serve a purpose (from a puzzle standpoint), as well as having some very unique attacks (the horse definitely took some getting used to).  I also like that there are so many individual quests that encourage changing things up, which implies that you can't just stick with one or two favourites all the time.  Really, my only complaint so far is that the quick swap doesn't pause the background action, whereas going into the menu does.

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21 hours ago, ChrisBardon said:

Anyone else playing this? 


Unfortunately, no. At the moment, I’m playing the next chapter in my big Assassin’s Creed review saga (Syndicate). I hope to have it finished and reviewed before Horizon Forbidden West launches. After that, I’ll be going full-time with that game until its done. So, I may not get to this one until sometime next month.


I’m really looking forward to it though. It looks like a lot of fun. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

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This ended up being longer than I thought it would.  20h to finish it the first time, and that's without maxing out all the forms.  Could probably spend another 5 or 6 going through NG+ and getting all S ranks, and I still might, but haven't decided yet.  The game is definitely combat heavy-in fact I'd say that's pretty much 90% of the game with the addition of a few puzzles that require you to use specific forms/abilities.  The real meat here though is the different forms you can take on, and the mix and match abilities/buffs that you get.  There are some fun combinations, like the dungeon where all status effects (both positive and negative) last 5x longer, so I equipped the skills that give attack and defense buffs, and went through with 5 stacks of each that faded pretty slowly (along with the slow/poison effects the enemies doled out).  The form quests also do a great job of suggesting abilities to try combining, but it's far from an exhaustive list.  There are definitely forms that you'll end up gravitating towards and using more often, and some that aren't near as useful, but I think I ended up using most of them for at least one dungeon. 


I did get the impression that at least some of the game is procedural though (dungeon layouts will shift, but the conditions seem fixed), so I wouldn't be surprised to see the game get a roguelike mode or something down the line.  There is a new game plus that lets you keep progress etc while scaling enemy levels, so there's some replayability, but I think the fun of the game is really the progress you get on the individual forms.  Once that's out of the way, I'm not sure how interesting it'd be to keep playing.  Still, as a 20h game I'm satisfied with it, and it's on game pass, so definitely worth checking out.

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So...remember how I said I wasn't going to bother with NG+...




I started it just to check out the modifiers, and it turns out that the NG+ adds a bunch of modifiers to all of the dungeons that make it much harder, so you have to experiment with the forms even more.  Things like damage x9999, ranged/melee x0, or enemy damage x5 and mana cost x0 all make it just different enough that I went through the whole thing again.  It's also a good podcast game at that point, which is good because getting some of the last form quests completed took some grinding.  There are a couple too many "break wards" ones that you need to do in pretty specific places, so it just meant running a couple of dungeon floors over and over.  Changing the rules makes it a more interesting "hard mode" than just making all of the enemies stronger/attacks weaker.


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So, this happened tonight:




I ended up completing most every side quest with the exception of finding all the mana fairies (I had two left). I also didn’t get the S ranking on all the forms, nor did I fully upgrade all my gear. I probably could have if I had spent a few more hours grinding. However, by the time I reached the final boss, I was so OP that it really wasn’t much of a challenge. Granted, I did die once fighting The Calamity, but the game does give you checkpoints when fighting it, so I restarted on the third and final phase of the battle. Getting all the S rankings and fully upgrading all my abilities seems like it would be a task better suited for New Game+.


Overall, I thought this was a great game. Amongst the others made by Drinkbox (both Guacamelee games, Severed), it’s probably my least favorite, but I still found it very addicting (as you might have guessed from that 28-hour+ play time). The combat is fun and simple, but has a lot of depth thanks to all the different forms and abilities — all of which add a great deal of variety to the experience.


It’s fun to play with all the different forms and swap out different abilities for each one. I love how the game teaches you to use your abilities by giving you mini “quests” to complete by using all of them. It’s a great way to teach the player how to use them without it feeling like an extended tutorial. The only downside to this is that it can sometimes feel a bit grind-y trying to rack up enough kills/hits/points to complete all the quests. I maybe would have liked a few more dungeons (both main and demi) so that it was easier to level up. But, once again, that’s probably what New Game+ is for.


Anyway, this was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested.

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