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Cervical Spine Surgery

Angel P

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Going in for ACDF today and was wondering if anyone here has gone through the procedure.  It shouldn't be as bad as it sounds (apparently it's outpatient) and I'm only having 1 disc (C5-6) removed.   Since I don't personally know anyone who's had it done, I've watched many youtube videos of people at various stages of post-op.



"See" you all on the other side.  :)

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I imagine you're woozy right now, but one piece of personal advice with all the caveats (I don't know anything about this procedure, I'm not a doctor, I'm kinda dumb, etc.):


Don't fuck around with PT. Take it seriously. I mean, don't hesitate to raise hell if something feels wrong, but when it comes time to do PT, take the sadist's demands seriously. 

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