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Peacemaker - HBO Max


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There are laugh out-loud moments. And there are lots of smile moments.

Typically, even in comedies, the story pulls you through and you have laughs along the way. I’m not finding a hook to pull me through. So I’m not finding the time spent with this show is worth what I’m getting.


I appreciate this show though. I have watched the stupid intro like 3 times. My wife couldn’t fathom what I could possibly be watching.

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3 hours ago, NickC said:

This show is gloriously bonkers


I thought the movie was fun schlock, but this show (only just watched the first episode) is, like you said, bonkers-level schlock. The soundtrack, Eagley, some guy credited as "douchebag" -- it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to watching more!


Thanks to you folks for putting this on my radar.

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