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Chrono Cross Remaster Announced (Switch, PS4, Xbox)

Romier S

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1 hour ago, Angry the Clown said:

Is this effectively a port of the Playstation game? It doesn't look like a whole lot has been done to dress it up for the modern age.

It’s a “remaster” which in this case means a horribly scaled version of the game with a terrible filter applied and absolutely atrocious fonts. The inclusion of the visual novel is neat.

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10 minutes ago, ChrisBardon said:

Am I wrong in thinking this game was absolute trash when it came out?  I remember really wanting to like it, because it was a follow up to Chrono Trigger, but I just could not get into it.  The characters all seemed to be throwaways, since there were so many of them, and the story seemed kind of nonsensical. 

You’re not wrong in thinking the game was received that way. I would argue whether that perception ended up being correct.


It has aged well and it’s story directly ties into Chrono Trigger but you need to give it time to get there. It has a unique and fun combat system with plenty of depth and while there are a ton of characters, the game smartly focuses on the core to deliver its story. It’s flawed for sure and hardly an unmitigated classic like it’s predecessor but the shadow of that game loomed very large over this one on release and expectations were never going to be met. 

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I remember it getting a very rare 10/10 on Gamespot. It was rare enough that the fact stuck with me for 22 years. Lot of good it did me outside of this discussion. I never played Chrono Trigger, but really enjoyed Cross back in the year 2000. Combat had some sort of "innovative" color system and the main character was named Lynx or something like that.

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