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Project Gotham Racing 2


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That's right folks, the inaugural event isn't even over yet, but it's time to sign up for yet another PGR 2 event.


However, this time it's going to be BIGGER and BETTER with prizes and competition for everyone, no matter of the skill level.


A quick run down of how things will be handled....


1- Every track available will be used

2- There will be one car per city

3- Races longer than 3 laps

4- Mini games (Cat and Mouse and DUI)

5- Time Trials to determine the pairing of rooms

6- There will designated practice rounds

7- Flexible scheduling

8- And more.....


So, don't hesitate, sign up today to guarantee your spot in LCVG's PGR 2 season.


Sign ups will end on 2/1/2004, don't be left on the outside looking in on the fun.

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I can't join in with this one, because the timezone differences would mess us all up, unfortunately.


Here is as good a place as any to suggest another idea I had, though. As I've mentioned in the main XBox thread (to deafening silence :( ) the online scoreboard feature with the Friends filter is great to see what we're up to. I wouldn't be able to start this for another 3 weeks at least as I'm off away from XBox, but I was considering the idea of having a time- or kudos-trial competition, where we all make sure we are on each others friends list, and pick an "arcade mode trial of the week" to concentrate on.


The online ghost trials are just done for the entire populace, which means anyone who isn't obscenely great doesn't stand a chance, and Kudos World Series leaves the 'which car' issue open, so Arcade Mode seemed like the best idea.


Also, doing Silver runs through the first four since getting the game on Wednesday has shown me that for the guys here already on my list, either many haven't really given it much of a go, or I'm much better than I thought, since a lot of them only seem to have been attempted to bronze if at all.


Good idea? Bad idea?

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but I was considering the idea of having a time- or kudos-trial competition, where we all make sure we are on each others friends list, and pick an "arcade mode trial of the week" to concentrate on.

It's apparent that no one likes you. :D What up people, this is a fine idea! Give the man some props, yo!


Ahem. I think it's a pretty cool idea. I admit, I have done perhaps 2 of those... I'm still working on golds on the KWS, I haven't even touched the other stuff. But I like the idea of competing off-line for times/kudos. I always go back and see where I stack up against my friends list in the KWS... and if I'm not near the top that gives me some extra reason for trying harder :). I'm game! If you have space on your friends list, sling me an invite (due to odd technical issues I cannot [easily] add to my friends list).

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Originally posted by Darius@Jan 21 2004, 04:06 PM

Is there going to be a set time for this weekly? Also, do you have any more information about what it will contain buck?

I'll have some more info up in the beginning of next week. I've had a lot of stuff going on this week, so I really haven't had time to get the scheduling and stuff done. Not to worry though, all will be revealed shortly :D

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First stop Edinburgh


Total number of tracks= 10


Car used for all tracks= TVR Tamora


Starts on Monday February 2nd




The Rules


1- Grouping will be determined by Time Trial runs. If you have set time on a track with a faster car it's up to you to report your fastest time as only the fastest overall time is recorded on the XBL scoreboards.


2- There is no set time to complete the round, but I ask that every effort is made to finish in a timely manner.


3- You must race as clean as possible, if not you will be eliminated from participating in the tournament. No exceptions.


4- A room leader will be determined either by nominating himself or by a random pick. It will be the room leaders job to coordinate when races will be held for his room. Room pairings can and most likely will change from round to round.


5- Mini games do not effect the overall outcome of the tournament and are optional.


6- HAVE FUN!!!!!!!



I'll update weather, time of day and the number of laps by Sunday evening for the 10 tracks.


If you no longer plan on participating, need a track unlocked, or have any questions let me know.


See you guys on the track :D

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