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Sword of Mana


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I picked this up over the holiday, and since I have never played a " real " RPG, it is getting frustrating. Any RPG fans out there have any tips on playing one ?


I know the general rule is " Talk to everyone and investigate everything you can " but as far and anything else goes, I am lost. I don't think this has turn based battles though, but when I attack something I don't understand how the damage works to them and to me. I keep getting a message saying I ran out of energy and I'm apparently dead. :cry:


Is this a true RPG ? Or more like ummmm .... Zelda: Ages & Oracle for the GBC ?

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A good thorough reading of the manual is always a good start.


Yep when all else fails RTFM :P


But how damage works is you have a set number of hit points you make everytime to you strike an enemy. that number is minused from the enemies Health Points. So say you have a hit point of 5 and the enemy has an HP of 27, you'll need to hit the guy 6 times to kill it. And the same goes for enemies attacking you.

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I do RTFM thank you very much. I just don't understand them always.

This has always been a problem for me. When someone explains it to me, I can ask questions on points I don't understand. Sometimes the answer is obvious, other times, not so to me.



I think part of the problem is I don't have anyone else in my party. I found the Inn and it says if I stay there over night, I will rest up. Maybe I was supposed to do that instead of looking further when I am at such a low level.


I just hate using a guide book, but it can be so frustrating when I have no clue what I am supposed to be doing. :(



I started Kingdom Hearts for the PS2 and so far I've been lucky and managed to bungle my way through finding where to go/what to do. Sword of Mana is not so lucky for me.

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I've heard that Sword of Mana is a far more difficult game to get into than a lot of RPGs, but that is mere speculation from net nonsense so take no face value in that :).


My advice, if you're really having a hard time getting into RPGs, is to get a copy of Final Fantasy Chronicles or Anthology. Seriously. The old SNES RPGs are a lot of fun and they're a very good introduction to the series, though the PSOne has a bit of an excessive load time to my mind.


Really, honestly, Chrono Trigger is about as perfect an intro-level RPG as I can think of. Which doesn't help vis-a-vis SoM, but isn't a bad game in its own right. ;).


The Inn in any Square RPG is a place to replenish your health and magic points back to normal, so yeah, it is a good idea to rest there whenever you don't have healing items or what not. If you're finding things difficult, you ought to hang out in a low-level enemy area and kill a few to level up a few times. Levelling up two or three levels always makes these games a ton easier. Some people like to crunch stats for that sort of thing, but personally I just let the numbers go up and use the following equation: level up = good ;).


Check your equipment too. You want to make sure you have armor and a weapon. In general, if you go to a new area and it has stores, they tend to have better arms/armor than the place you just came from. There's usually a simple numerical deal in the stats or equipment screen to show this. But it doesn't work unless you put it on. Yes, I have done that before :P.


I'm sure if you have any other questions our usual cadre of wiseasses will have a plethora of advice :P.

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