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Lately at work I've had the "pleasure" of digitizing test videos. The problem is using a common format that everyone can view, and keep the size down while keeping the video quality good. I have been using MPEG 1 format with the following settings:

29.99 framerate, 1200 kbps datarate, 320x240 (or 352x240) resolution.


This seems to work for most people. But I recently had a video with sound that was not synced, and one person downloading the video from our website noted he could see the video, only the title screen.


I hope some of you who visit this site can shed some light on the this subject. Which settings should I be using that will work? Is there a standard MPEG 1 setting that works? Is there an informative website out there?



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This site is the best for everything related to video capturing, encoding, burning etc.


To make a video that is easy to view, I try to create the file so it's VCD-compliant (NTSC standards). This means it is MPEG-1, 352x240, 1150kbps video (constant bitrate), 224kbps audio (constant bitrate), 29.97 fps. The file works out to roughly 10MB per minute. Mind you, this is just an example, there are many other (I'm sure more efficient) ways of encoding, but I've always had the most success with VCD MPEG.


Visit the website above, everything is explained with wonderful tutorials and all the tools you'll need for the job.

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