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Evercade announces the EXP (new Handheld)

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Don't sleep on these Evercade products. I own the Evercade Vs and its a boss little retro machine. The carts are cheap and fun to collect and it has some nice video output options. The announcement of the Irem Arcade collection is also exciting!

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There will be a black limited edition with a second collection:




In addition to this base package, an Evercade EXP Limited Edition bundle will be available via Blaze's retail partner, Funstock. It will be a completely black console, and will include an exclusive hard carry case, art cards, poster, certificate of authenticity, keyring and "other fun extras" – but most exciting of all is the inclusion of a second collection packed with classic arcade titles from Japanese company Toaplan –

including Flying Shark, Alcon (Slap Shot), Tiger-Heli, Truxton, Zero Wing, Guardian, Snow Bros and Teki-Paki. This edition is limited to 5000 units. Pre-orders for this bundle open at 17:00 BST on June 1st, and it will cost £179.99.



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3 minutes ago, iainl said:

I don’t need a retro console. I don’t. But Argos still have stock for £16.99, and that’s tempting. 



Of Codemasters? That link goes to the Oliver Twins collection (which I'd also want in fairness for all that Dizzy goodness).


Even at £120 though, I can't really convince myself to throw it at the console itself though I don't think.

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Oh, I thought they were the same, since all the Oliver games were on Codies’ label anyway; Aged Nerd that I am, BMX Simulator was the first game on the label, and still the one I associate with it, no matter how many Colin McRae games I buy. 

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