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Vampire Survivor - PC Early Access


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I'm super late to the party, but Vampire Survivors completely has its hooks on me. 


It's a ridiculously simple premise, but mechanically SO well implemented. You move around. Your weapons/magic automatically fire on time delays. Enemies come at you. You kill them. You get XP. You buy upgrades + new magic. And it all just works. Seriously has that drive for one more game, earning more permanent upgrades, etc. As you play, you'll unlock new levels, new characters, and there's a bunch of unlock achievements that open up new weapons + gear to boost your runs... 

It all just works so well. 


You can play free trial version here on itch.io - https://poncle.itch.io/vampire-survivors

It's $3 on Steam. It's free on PC Game Pass. 



Play this. 

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10 hours ago, Orpheus said:


So close, and one dumb move gets me killed.


Oh I hear ya. I had a great run just now - garlic + laurel (shields) was an amazing combination, with some good ranged weapons going on too. And then RIGHt before 30 minutes, it's all big giant robots and some sort of laser weapon that near insta killed me after I'd gone 10+ minutes without taking damage. This game!! 

I got the Milky Way Map though!!





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On 6/12/2022 at 2:26 AM, iainl said:

Nice. I can never decide if The Pigeon Of Death is actually useful, since it’s so hard to aim. 

It's not my first choice, but i like that it hits just outside of the range of the garlic and bible.

The pentagram is the only one I haven't managed to fully evolve at this point. Hard to level when you nuke all the gems.

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Bought the Steam version as it's patched + updated much more frequently than the Windows Store/PC Game Pass version. $3... All my progress carried over, which is awesome. 

Today's run was just ridiculous fun. Thunderbolts firing everywhere pushing back enemies, King Bible circling, and a crazy Death Spiral weapon just spiraling out everywhere. 




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